Good Deeds Movie Review

At the conclusion of Thursday six girlfriends and myself journeyed to the Tallahassee Mall for the midnight showing of Tyler Perry’s Good Deeds. The AMC chose to show the movie in one of the bigger theaters needless to say ,it wasn’t needed. Only about twenty people purchased tickets. Maybe it was the time, I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt we are in a working college town. We can just conclude that others waited until Friday evening. 

Moving on we all laughed, some of us cried but one thing about the movie that we all knew- it was predictable.As the scenes moved on we just knew what was going to happen. We are hoping for a part two that will not be as simple and predictable. 

The movie was indeed Good but could have been BETTER. 

Some things that I noticed that should have been corrected during editing are :

The scene where the mother stormed into the building to collect her paycheck -the first time Tyler Perry’s parking space was shown his name was on it -the second time when the mother’s van was being towed IT WASN’T. 

There was a club scene where Gabrielle Union was getting throwed in the club “drunk” her presuming gay male friend said that he never met her soon to be fiancé but in the next couple of scenes he dropped her home and Tyler Perry called him by his name and told him good night - 

I wish I had DVR to rewind the scene while I was in the movie seat -


Overall it was a good film. Im happy for Tyler Perry and I want to continue to see his empire grow and one day be apart of it. With that said someone tell him to watch my latest youtube video. Im the one on the left and Kayla Cox is on the right.